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You´ve come to the right place if you are after my help doing what I love most: playing with language and voice to create valuable connections between individuals.  

Stay a while and you´ll see 😄

Who am I?

How can I help you?

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Imagine... 🤔

You´ve got an idea, a product, a service, a project, a “baby” that you´ve raised with love and care...

... but still doesn´t talk.


Voice is such a powerful tool. It makes us laugh, cry, remember, it inspires us, calls our attention, and makes us take action.

... but needs more friends around the world.


You want more people to know about it, open doors to new cultures, countries and markets. But to get there, the baby needs to learn a new language.

... and you want everyone to see it as perfect as you do.


If you want others to trust and like you, your use of language needs to be neat, clean, adapted, careful and error-free.


They have already trusted my voice

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Ferrán Pacheco

Director and Scriptwriter at Vino para Camaleones Podcast (Ivoox Originals)

Rocío’s professionalism is priceless. As her client, I can only say that her work immensely exceeds my expectations.


Rocío has qualities that are really hard to find nowadays, since she not only adapts completely to the needs of your project, but also enhances its success, providing ideas, imagination, intelligence and a unique personality I haven’t seen that many times in my life.

I recommend Rocío in every possible way.


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Lorena Pais

Content Manager and Scriptwriter at ENTRETENDO SL

Rocío is not only a great professional, but also an outstanding person, always willing to help and work to make things easy for colleagues. And always with a smile on her face!

She is an excellent voice-over artist; she masters multiple registers and really takes the time to personalize each role she plays. I’m really grateful I got to work hand in hand with her 🙂

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Juanpe Granados


Super-fast delivery with a perfect voice-over job in the three languages requested. It´s not easy to find someone that can do this in Galician, Spanish and English at the same time, with such an excellent pronunciation as Rocio’s.

She is always widely open to suggestions and provides a personalized and close attention and service.

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