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Imagine... 🤔

You´ve got an idea, a product, a service, a project, a “baby” that you´ve raised with love and care...

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... but still doesn´t talk.


Voice is such a powerful tool. It makes us laugh, cry, remember, it inspires us, calls our attention, and makes us take action.

I’ll help you share your story in a unique and memorable way.

I´ll listen to your needs, understand you, so that I can then transmit exactly what you have in mind. Through my voice, your audience will connect with you and with the message you want to get across.

English – Spanish – Galician

... but needs more friends around the world.


You want more people to know about it, open doors to new cultures, countries and markets. But to get there, the baby needs to learn a new language.

I’ll help you translate your message making sure it keeps its original essence, your essence.

English to Spanish or Galician

Spanish to English or Galician

Galician to English or Spanish

... and you want everyone to see it as perfect as you do.


If you want others to trust and like you, your use of language needs to be neat, clean, adapted, careful and error-free.

What you write and how you write it says a lot about you.


With my proofreading and language consultancy services, your project will be error-free and will have that positive impact you are looking for on your audience.

English – Spanish – Galician

Doesn´t sound bad, does it? 👩‍🎤

If you´ve made it all the way here, that means you haven´t clicked anywhere above... Feel free to do it! You can ask me anything you need to know, no strings attached! 🙂

Or maybe you want to know a bit more about how the process works. In that case... 🤔

Keep reading!

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