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"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I wanna sell ice cream", I´d always answer.

And well, here I am, not selling ice cream 😐

But then... Who am I? 🙂

I´m Galician, very, very Galician, the always-homesick kind of Galician. I´m also a globetrotter, a very, very restless one.

I used to be pretty shy and a bit afraid of the unknown. When I was 10, I went to a summer camp two hours away from home and called my parents crying after the third day. I asked them to please come get me because I couldn't stand being so far away from home.  Also, when I was 15, I got on a flight that took me all the way to Indiana, United States, to live there for a year and learn English.​

I grew up terrified of public speaking. I really struggled every time I had to give a presentation at school. I also remember looking at myself in the mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone, or recording my voice in those old cassette recorders. Once I was finished, I would listen to it, often playing characters and giving speeches to imaginary audiences. Theater classes and having a job that made me talk on a weekly basis in front of more than 50 people… well, that came later on in life. Now, it´s something that I find fun and fulfilling.

I love planning. I see myself as a really organized person and a bit of a perfectionist. Order helps me wind down and relax. I also love spontaneity and I try to never ignore any opportunity that knocks on my door, as unexpected as it might be. Even if I don´t know what´s on the other side, I open it, step right in and act accordingly —Go for it and see what happens—.

My passion for language and communication is innate. Without consciously thinking about it, every step I´ve taken in life, I´ve always enjoyed understanding, empathizing, putting myself in other people´s shoes and constantly adapting the way I communicate. By doing this, I unconsciously create stronger connections, and help others feel more related and associated to what I´m putting into words. This can mean many different things: using a different language, learning a new one, taking in and embracing a foreign culture, changing my register, rephrasing… or all of the above together, and many more!

I strongly believe all personalities are equally valid, and part of my identity resides in, precisely, respecting them all and knowing how to adapt to them all. After many life experiences —living abroad—, work experiences —dealing with people all around the world— and personal experiences —discovering and developing my passions and connecting with the world around me—, step by step I´ve been merging together my personal self and my professional self, reaching the point I am at right now and saying to you...

I wanna help you!

Do you want me to?


I´m not telling you all this to bore you, believe it or not! But because I want you to understand that adaptability and flexibility characterize me, and they are exactly what I try to reflect in every project I´m a part of.

My language and communication services wouldn’t make sense if I hadn´t been developing this chameleonic personality throughout my life; if I didn´t know how to understand and adapt to the person that wants to communicate something to me and the person I want to communicate something to. This ability to assimilate and adapt to a new context is, precisely, what I´m offering you:

Turn your project or idea

into a new language

to a new culture

to a new format

for a new audience

keeping your essence

while assimilating that of the other person

so you can create a strong and lasting connection

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